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For railway stakeholders of every type, safety, punctuality, comfort, availability, reliability and efficiency are all paramount. As the life cycle costs (LCC) and total cost of ownership (TCO) of rolling stock materials become increasingly important to the success of railway industry businesses, Dahlrail strives to provide adaptive and efficient solutions at every level.

At Dahlrail, we are industry experts who understand every dimension of rolling stock products and services. Whether you are an operator, vehicle owner or maintenance facility looking for railway spare parts, components or railway b2b services, Dahlrail’s experienced railway industry experts are with you every step of the way, providing the support you need to accomplish reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) and overall system safety.

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If your aim is to succeed in the railway industry, let Dahlrail be of service! Our customers as well as our industry partners have experienced first-hand the benefits of working with our team.


Whatever rolling stock equipment your railway needs, we are happy to assist. Our numerous, well-known industry partners across the railway supply chain may be the right fit for your project. We are happy to help you identify the appropriate supplier through our excellent network of trusted partners.


While railway components are meant to last a lifetime, they need the appropriate care to achieve reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS). Dahlrail handles all required maintenance cycles with our experienced teams and the support of our partners in our local workshops, where we guarantee the highest level of quality as well as lowest turnaround cycles possible.


Every supplier of rolling stock equipment is aware of the criticality of optimal performance of their locomotives, railroad cars, and other railway components. While great care is taken to meet life cycle expectations related to rolling stock components, calamities happen. In such cases, our teams are ready to deliver local support at whatever level necessary to guarantee reliable and punctual operation of the affected rolling stock.

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Buffers Rail Industry stands for high quality, stabile delivery and good technical support
Hans Borgström
Dellner Couplers
Buffers, a great company.
Lars Björn
Always quick answers and nice treatment.
Lars Svensson
Nordic Cooperation

Our presence in the Nordic Market


Since 1917, Dahlrail has been contributing to increased operating safety, effectiveness and reliability to the Norwegian Railway sector. Dahlrail Norway represents leading producers of railway components and equipment.


Dahlrail’s Swedish operation was founded in 1954 as Buffers Rail Industry AB, a company that saw great success over the years in Scandinavia’s railway industry.


As of 2023 Dahlrail expanded to Denmark in order to follow its goal to cover the Nordics. Dahlrail Denmark is represented by RL Components A/S who has great expertise in the industry and will secure the requirements of Dahlrail in and for Denmark.

The Netherlands

Dahlrail Netherlands was founded in 2015 as O.J. Dahl BV. As a newcomer within the group, Dahlrail Netherlands has had great success implementing solutions for partners in the railway industry while relying on the expertise and resources of Scandinavian colleagues.

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