Dillon is a market leading manufacturer of instrumentation that measures force including load cells, overload protection and suspended weighing products. Dillon also offers Force Testing products popular within Quality Assurance departments. The Dillon brand was founded on the mechanical dynamometer, which it invented in 1937. Designed for longevity, this instrument is still an extremely popular seller. The modern Dillon product line boasts the largest range of electronic dynamometers and crane scales and instrumentation specific to overload detection and wire tension measurement. Dillon has earned a reputation for rugged, long-lasting products that are easy to use. Equally as important is the world-wide distribution network that assists Dillon customers with product selection and unequaled service after the sale.

DAHLRAIL is proud to be the exclusive representative in all our markets for Dillon. Dillon relies fully on Dahlrail’s professional expertise and extensive customer service network to ensure successful local operations.

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