Hess – Netherlands


HESS stands for world-wide passionate vehicle construction – for efficient, environment-friendly and reliable mobility. Our product range encompasses urban buses in different sizes and execution up to double-articulated buses and bus trains (Bus & Trailer).

Zagro Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH located in Germany develops and builds road-rail vehicles for any possible use and application. We position ourselves as the leading problem solver in the field of road-rail vehicles, and our road-rail vehicles are used by various entities worldwide such as railway companies, municipalities, industrial enterprises and ports. Our vehicles are used for shunting, construction, repair and maintenance and as transport, utility and rescue vehicles.

DAHLRAIL is proud to be the exclusive representative in the Netherlands for Hess. Hess relies fully on Dahlrail’s professional expertise and extensive customer service network to ensure successful local operations.

Our Partners in the Netherlands