DAHLRAIL is fully dedicated to be a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly partner in the rolling stock, infrastructure and bus industry. We will do everything, together with our customers, suppliers and partners, to ensure a comprehensive, environmentally friendly and safe delivery. This by following all means of corporate social responsibility and focusing on sustainable use of resources and quality at all levels. We will focus on reuse and repair, systematic work to reduce energy consumption and eliminate emissions of harmful substances.

We work continuously to ensure quality and safety for our customer by providing the right goods and services at the right time and at as commercially agreed. DAHLRAIL is committed to fulfil the customer‘s needs, requirements and expectations. We do this by continuously developing our expertise in environmental, product and quality work.

We  promote an organizational culture that creates openness and a desire for improvement through active work by tracing deviations and define improvements. DAHLRAIL works continuously with environmental awareness throughout the organization by training and awareness-raising around waste management, energy saving, chemical use and emissions in our daily operations. Starting from the ordering-process until finally delivering the solution.

DAHLRAIL aims to be at the forefront and our ambition is to act sustainable and offer both economic and environmental beneficial solutions. We do this by having an active and vibrant business system while encourage trust and understanding within the organization in order to achieve common goals. We must at all times follow the applicable laws, norms and regulations and use these to help us to continuously improvement our work.


Oslo, 2019-10-01
Mark Hulsbergen
General Manager International