Two leading railway services companies join forces to become the best railway specialist in Norway.

O.J. Dahl AS, based in Oslo, Norway, a company part of the Dahlrail consortium, acquired on January 24, 2023, OnTracks AS, an Oslo-based provider of electronic services to the Rail industry. OnTracks AS has, since its foundation in 2019, developed into a reliable electronic service and support provider to the Norwegian railway industry. Over the years, the collaboration between OnTracks, O.J. Dahl, and Dahlrail has developed into close cooperation, finally leading to this acquisition.

The synergies of the services provided and the respective staff will significantly enhance the opportunities to serve all customers and partners in our markets. Furthermore, the acquisition results in the full integration of the two companies with new facilities in Kvæarnerveien 1, Oslo, which will serve as headquarters. The services facilities of OnTracks in the Lodalen rail depot of Oslo will be maintained as a quick response service hub.

“Now we will be able to serve our customers faster and also offer them a more variety of services. We have had a strong footprint in the mechanical service for our partners and customers, now this will develop in the future to also include interior and exterior, electronical and HVAC expertise.”
Espen Engelstad Dahlrail

“This merger means that we stand very strong when it comes to dealing with future challenges from our customers and partners. We are two companies that complement each other extremely well. Looking forward to the journey ahead of developing further, we are definitely Best together”
Svein Ingar Helland – OnTracks AS

About Dahlrail – Dahlrail is an international railway service provider, dedicated to helping partners and customers succeed by maintaining close relationships with all railway stakeholders. Dahlrail offers top-tier local services and support to their railway customers and partners to close the value circle. Dahlrail is represented by O.J. Dahl AS in Norway, Buffers Rail Industry AB in Sweden and O.J. Dahl BV in the Netherlands.