THE Promise

Deliver the expected support to our customers

With more than 100 years of experience in the railway sector, Dahlrail brings hands-on experience focused on ensuring guaranteed operation of your rolling stock equipment in our markets.

Dahlrail’s dedicated, local experts in sales, support and service, along with their accommodating local service centres, guarantee that they can deliver the support our customers and partners expect.

Dahlrail remains passionately committed to providing exceptional railway services and solutions to our customers and partners.

The Hands on Train

Strong teams with expertise

As a company, Dahlrail maintains a stellar reputation as a provider of railway service and support. Our relentless pursuit of service excellence would not be possible without the expertise and dedication of our talented service team. Thanks to their unwavering support, we are able to work toward our vision to innovate within the railway sector.

Today, Dahlrail has strong teams with the expertise to solve most railway-related challenges, whether they are of a pure mechanical or electro-mechanical nature. From our service technicians equipped with data know-how to our hydraulic experts, are all ready to make sure that your locomotives and train cars are ready for their planned shifts.


Industry focused services!

Dahlrail’s robust railway industry network in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands provides the undergirding necessary to properly position our partners in their respective railway markets, resulting in maximised chances for success. We understand that delivery of the railway part or component is just the beginning of our relationship with our customers. In order to guarantee smooth and efficient operations over the lifetime of a rolling stock product, we cover ongoing service and support of the highest quality.

At Dahlrail, we work closely with our partners to identify flexible solutions in order to ensure seamless operations of rolling stock.

Sales Support

Dahlrail ensures that our partner brands are represented optimally. We take great pains to understand the needs of our local partners and work to identify right-fitting solutions to suit every need.

Life CYCle Management

Railway components rely on professional and swift maintenance cycles in order to prevent trains from stopping or experiencing security issues. Dahlrail has the capacity to manage maintenance programs for and together with our partners at the local level whenever necessary. We work to ensure that our solutions fit within the budget for the total cost of ownership of rolling stock.

On- and off-site Support

Today, demand to deliver flawless operations is ever increasing as operators expect maximum reliability of equipment. Every supplier of rail-related components needs to offer a reliable, efficient and flexible support systems in order to establish credibility in the railway industry. At Dahlrail, we understand the criticality of operational perfection. That’s why more railway industry companies choose to partner with us to provide local support for their railway operations, whatever the need.

Spare Parts

In many cases, lead times for rail-related components can result in great frustration. Often, the consequence is maintaining expensive stock levels at the operator, or, potentially, taking equipment out of traffic as respective expenses accumulate.

Dahlrail maintains local, consignment railway stock in order to deliver to partners extra-fast service. This has proven to reduce the risk and stress of having equipment out of operation and not generating revenue. Such risk can have a dramatic effect on the total cost of ownership of any rolling stock system.

Need help with railway service solutions? We are experts!